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Our Food

Our restaurants are designed in the spirit of the butcher shops of the 1950's and 60's. This was a period of time when people really understood cuts of meat and embraced the quality of their products. Upon entering our restaurants you will see our butcher case, front and center. This display of meat that we cut and grind daily to produce the freshest, tastiest burgers you'll ever know. We keep a very simplistic menu to ensure that we stay focused on one thing, the quality of our food. It's our hope that you will stop in and enjoy our award-winning burgers. 

Our Beef

Our passion is beef! We use only the best quality premium product. We butcher the large cuts of beef at our commissary in NLR into the steaks and ground beef that we use in our burgers. Which we proudly display in our meat cases at all of our locations.   
Our meat to fat ratio is perfect to deliver amazing flavor while being incredibly
juicy, not greasy.  These premium cuts and ground beef is then sent to each of our restaurants every morning.


To ensure the freshest product you can eat, we don't start cooking your burger until you place your order. Once our experienced cooks see your order come through your patty goes on the grill. We have a patent-pending tool for bringing your patty to the correct thickness to ensure the most flavor. The burger is then given a perfect thin crust that holds in our seasoning while delivering to you a multi-dimensional taste. These burgers are the result of Mr. Bubbus nearly 60 years of experience as a master butcher. Our burgers have won multiple awards over the years and we are proud to be serving Central Arkansas. Our hope is that you enjoy them as much as we do!

Our Fries

We have the freshest fries around! We start with real potatoes that we hand cut throughout the day. Our process for making fries is both simple and complicated. It's simple because we have only three ingredients: potatoes, Canola oil and salt. The complex part is our process. We test the potatoes to ensure they have just the right amount of sugar. We then have a special process in the frying as they are dipped more than once in the Canola oil to lock in taste. Not only are these spuds addictive and delicious, but they're also endless!!

Our Toppings

All toppings are cut fresh each day.  Our sauces are made in house too.  These toppings are delivered daily to our locations along with our beef.  Great care is taken to ensure quality. Our dedicated staff cut them by hand and inspect all produce before sending them out to our restaurants. We never use any chemicals to extend freshness. Our goal is always to provide produce that best supports our meat. 

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